Synod and LCMS Institutions

LCMS home page – Visit the LCMS home page for news, directories, and other information about the Synod and its work.

Social Issues: Christ in Culture – As Lutheran Christians, we maintain a dual citizenship in two kingdoms: one spiritual and the other earthly. But living out the Christian faith in witness and mercy while honoring the governments and rulers set in place can sometimes be tricky business. What happens when the government promotes lifestyles that are contrary to the Word of God? How does a Christian respond when it intrudes into the realm of the Church?

Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty – Our mission is to ignite and fuel a uniquely Lutheran response to increasing intrusions, limitations and challenges by the government in the life of the Church, while educating, encouraging and equipping LCMS members and organizations to take informed action in support of marriage, life and religious freedom.

Lutherans For Life – An organization which promotes the sanctity of life from the unborn children to the elderly.

Concordia Publishing House – The publishing house for the LCMS. On their website you can shop online and browse numerous resources for Bible studies, daily devotions, and continued growth in the Christian faith.

Pacific Southwest District – Visit the District website for news and other information specific to the Pacific Southwest District of the LCMS.

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO.
  •  – Browse research and scholarly output that has been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.
  • – Videos from many Seminary courses, the Lay Bible Institute, and "In the Word" Bible Studies".  Concordia Seminary Magazine issues are also available.
  • Concordia Seminary mobile app – Students, pastors and other church workers, scholars, seekers and lay members alike are able to connect with the Seminary anytime from any place.  To get the app, search “Concordia Seminary” on the Apple and Android (Google Play) app stores.
St. Catherine’s Seminary, Ontario, Canada – Visit the seminary of our neighbors to the north in the Lutheran Church of Canada.