The Scriptures and Confessional Lutheran Theological Resources

Search for hundreds of translations of the Scriptures online.

Tired of reading? Listen to the Audio-Bible online and hear the Word of God.

The Book of Concord Online is a quick and easy way to access the rich treasures of the doctrinal heritage of the Lutheran Church. Because the Lutheran Confessions are a faithful exposition of Scripture they form the foundation for what Redeemer Lutheran believes, teaches, and confesses.

The Sermons of Martin Luther are a rich source of daily devotion and reflection upon God’s Word. Many of his sermons can also be found online.

Luther’s Small Catechism (pdf) is not just for Confirmation class. Now you can reference this book any time online to access the basic teachings of Scripture as taught in the six chief parts of the catechism.

The Luther Academy promotes genuine, confessional Lutheran theology and research through conferences, scholarly exchanges, and publications that assist the church both to preserve and to proclaim to the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only saving faith. -

The Seminary is now “TheoBLOGical.” The official blog of the Concordia Theological Seminary Admissions office contains articles addressing current theological issues with solid Lutheran teaching, humor, and wit.

Doxology: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel provides pastors with a unique study and renewal experience, rooted in the classic art of spiritual care and informed by the insights of contemporary Christian psychology.