Redeemer Gallery Oct-Nov 2008

IMG0729 web
Sack racing at the Redeemer Picnic, October 12.

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Time to relax after the picnic potluck: Pastor and Natasha Schuldheisz and Meghan Dunlop.

IMG0738 web
Preschool fun at the picnic.

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Welcomed October, 26: New member John, Susan, Kyle and Jake Aube.

IMG07842 web
New member John and Georgia Curlette.

IMG07852 web
New members Vanessa and Steve Ruyf.

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The new website is launched! Pastor Harmelink thanks Committee Chair Wayne Anderson, November 9.

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Pastor Harmelink expresses the congregation's appreciation to Debbie Sullivan for her years of service, November 16.

IMG0847 web
The thank you cake for Debbie.

IMG0860 web
A beautiful table set for Advent by Candlelight, November 20.

IMG0864 web
A display of manger scenes for Advent by Candlelight .

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Waiters rest up after serving tea and dessert: Riley Koehler, Paul Jurenka and Dan Rugg.