We have developed age-appropriate curriculum, which involves cultivation of each child’s interest and curiosity.  We encourage every child to participate in a variety of activities, all of which are aimed at enriching a child’s life experiences.  These are but a few of the areas of instruction our children can build from:

  • Faith development
  • Language skills
  • Science exploration
  • Art appreciation
  • Music and movement
  • Drama participation
  • Outdoor play, social interaction

Snacks and Meals

Snacks are included in the school fees, but meals are not.  Children must bring their own lunch each day.  Heat-ups by the staff are available.


Special Dietary Needs & Medications

Special dietary needs of the student must be identified by the parents to the school staff at the time of enrollment.  As requested by the parent, school staff will administer physician-prescribed medication.  School staff are not allowed to administer over-the-counter medicines.


Student Safety

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for your child’s growth and learning.  The school premises are surrounded by a sturdy chain-link fence with key-card access controlled gates.  Only persons pre-authorized, in writing, by the parents may take children from the premises and sign in/sign out procedures are strictly enforced.


Pest Management Plan (IPM)

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Communications with Parents

Monthly calendars of your child’s class room activities are the primary means of sharing information with parents.  These calendars and flyers with information about special events will be sent home with your child on at least a monthly basis.  Parents wishing to speak with their child’s teacher or the school director are welcome to set up an appointment by calling (714) 840-7117.