1000051452Angelfish Class (4-5 years old) 

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While each classroom has listed curriculum goals, the philosophy of our program is that each child is unique and will therefore acquire the foundations for learning at his/her own pace. We create the environment/activities, the children will remain challenged and engaged, and WHEN they are developmentally ready to absorb/apply the learning skills, they will.


Learning Goals

Social/Emotional Development

  • Knowledge of First and Last Name and Birthday
  • Embracing God's talents given to each of us
  • Becoming independent/self-help skills
  • Encouragement to explore/create in a nurturing environment
  • Recognizing God's gifts of family and friends
  • Learning to respect other's feelings, space, and belongings
  • Learn about holidays
  • Be community helpers

Language Development

  • Increase the use of simple sentences (3-4 words)
  • Vocabulary enrichment through books, songs, rhymes & play
  • Content questions from books and related activities
  • Share activities using own words
  • Recognition of letters & sounds
  • Dramatic play
  • Positional/spatial words
  • Finger plays & rhyme
  • Follow two step directions
  • Phonetic awareness

Chapel/Bible Time

  • Weekly Chapel services conducted by Pastor in Sanctuary - Monday & Thursday at 9:15am
  • Voyages - Bible stories in chronological order
  • Songs/hymns
  • Daily prayer, Lord's prayer, and prayer requests

Math and Science Concepts

  • Recognition of numbers, printing numbers, quantifying, and numerical order #1-20
  • Sorting, classifying, patterning, and sequencing
  • Sense of time (Days of the week, calendar, yesterday, today, and tomorrow)
  • Measurement, weight, float or sink, melting ice, cooking, and mixing colors
  • Insects, birds, animals, ocenn life, and plant life cycles/gardening
  • Colors/shapes

Gross Motor Skills

  • Riding tricycle and scooters
  • Hopping and galloping
  • Balance, stretching, and dancing
  • Catching, throwing, and kicking balls

Fine Motor Development

  • Coloring, tracing, beginning print (letters and numbers)
  • Tearing, cutting, gluing, painting
  • Manipulative (puzzles, lacing, legos, beading, etc...)
  • Writing; name, numbers 1-20, letters A-Z


  • Songs (at circle time)
  • Instruments
  • Movement (at circle time)