rainbowfishRainbowfish Class (3-4 years old) 


While each classroom has listed curriculum goals, the philosophy of our program is that each child is unique and will therefore acquire the foundations for learning at his/her own pace.   We   create the environment/activities, the children will remain challenged and engaged, and WHEN they are developmentally ready to absorb/apply the learning skills, they will. 

Learning Goals

Social/Emotional Development

  • Move from parallel play to cooperative play
  • Role playing
  • Follow one and two step directions
  • Positive sense of self

Circle time

  • Colors and shapes
  • ABC song
  • Counting
  • Weather
  • Days of the Week song/Months of the Year
  • Name recognition
  • Books, books, and more books

Language Development

  • Felt stores, books
  • Letter sounds
  • Expression (using "words" to others)
  • Class jobs (prayer leader, calendar)
  • Sharing (explain what you brought to share)
  • Content questions about books/stories
  • Exposed to number and letter recognition, sounds, and beginning print through tracking


  • Weekly Chapel services conducted by Pastor in Sanctuary - Monday & Thursday at 9:15am
  • Prayer (circle time and snack)
  • Discuss, model, and reinforce Christian values
  • Christian songs
  • Bible songs

Math and Science Concepts

  • One number a week (number recognition, quantity of a number, number tracing)
  • Concepts of measuring, sorting, pouring, etc...
  • Manipulatives (blocks, legos, puzzles, etc...)
  • Life science (caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs, etc...)

Gross Motor Skills

  • Riding tricycles, scooters
  • Kicking, throwing, running
  • Jumping and skipping
  • Climbing

Art and Sensory Skills

  • Cutting, gluing, coloring, painting
  • Playdough and Flubber
  • Water and mud play
  • Cooking

Fine Motor Development

  • Holding markers, pencils, crayons
  • Cutting with scissors, gluing, painting
  • Manipulatives (puzzles, lacing, legos, beading, etc...)


  • Songs (at circle time)
  • Instruments
  • Movement (at circle time)